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oh...my..god... [12 Aug 2010|02:45pm]
this is the WORST "MOVIE" EVER


"Nobody wants to help me... and I'm dying! I got the results of the tests back...I definitely have breast cancer! *happy*"

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brrr [15 May 2008|08:46pm]
about a month now to go until I see...

PJ HARVEY LIVE. I've not had such a build up for a gig ever in my life. I can't wait. It's in a pretty newly built opera house in Oslo too, just to top it off.

in case you forgot how awesome she is here is a reminder

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mixtape [04 Apr 2008|01:27am]
heres a mixtape I made when bored (with music that I love on it), you can listen to it here:


register at:

muxtape.com first. and share your own tape!

hai by the way. its been a while.
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who do you think you are [14 Jan 2008|10:48pm]
you try to learn the universe
can't even converse in universe

you know its ironic

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last year [06 Jan 2008|10:18pm]
sucked and so did the beginning of this one. its still sucking but I got loads of months left! I'll cross my fingers. Oh to be honest I just want this year overwith. and half of fhe next one. sigh. I did however discover diamanda galás this year! and played my first two gigs. thats about it on the good side.

anyways I want to make a top 10 albums list just because... you know everyone does it. plus I am bored to the point of watching CNN. here we go:

Near to flawless albums:
pj harvey - white chalk
m.i.a. - kala

bat for lashes - fur & gold
cornelius - sensous
björk - volta (though I must say I was dissapointed... björk's worst by far... err move it down a couple of categories, on second thought...)

Very good:
bunny rabbit - lovers and crypts
deerhoof - friend opportunity
cocorosie - adventures of ghosthorse & stillborn

air - pocket symphony
piana - eternal castle

honorable mention is dizzee rascal's album maths & english.... I loved that one... wait lets screw the top 10 and put it in the Good category!

my favourite movie was ratatouille (lovely lovely lovely, made me warm inside and gave me hope for future animated films) and the simpsons movie.... I liked Eastern Promises aswell.

Róisín murphy's album.... it was just... bland. three or so great tracks and after that... downward spiral. great voice though, so I'll still stick around and wait for the next one. Ruby Blue was amazing.

BEE MOVIE. wait I didnt even have expectations. I already knew Seinfeld and all his creations sucked (including his tv show). not even oprah could save this piece of crap.

do I sound bitter? haha. no no no.

that is all!
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oh [21 Jun 2007|11:58am]

Went to see Cornelius live yesterday. 

Good God (and I ain't even religious) that was freaking amazing. Second best gig I've ever been to. 

Watch this video, I'm for sure getting his CD after this concert (crowd went crazy when he played this song, which was perfectly synched with this video):

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Survey...because I'm bored. [21 Jun 2007|02:09am]
Start off by picking your 10 fave recording artists without looking at the questions under the cut. 
(no order, just 10 of my favourites)

1. Björk
2. Goldfrapp
3. PJ Harvey
4. MU
5. M.I.A.
6. Moloko
7. Planningtorock
8. CocoRosie
9. The Kills
10. Bunny Rabbit

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[15 Jun 2007|02:14am]
I haven't posted here in ages! I've broken my flow.

Um yes, lots of good music this year.

Life is moving on.

still movin on.

keep moving on. faster.
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she went out looking for someone [11 Apr 2007|05:08pm]
black hair, brown eyes.

my beautiful leah.

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3 non blondes [07 Jan 2007|03:26pm]
one of the funniest things I've ever seen from the funniest show on earth.

haha made my day.
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To all of you.. [24 Dec 2006|01:26pm]
Merry Christmas everyone! all the best.

here are some alternatives to the dull christmas tunes out there:

björk : jólakötturinn / Jólasveinar
goldfrapp : gone to earth

and of course

the knife : reindeer (download it here http://www.silentshout.co.uk/christmasreindeer/ )
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Autumn tunes [22 Nov 2006|09:02pm]
I forgot to do one of summer...I must make this a seasonal thing. anywhere this is what I've tuned into this autumn a lot and very much enjoyed.

felix da housecat : runaway dreamer
cocorosie : candy land
frou frou : hear me out
the knife : like a pen
goldfrapp : deep honey
björk : batabid (ironically! haha)
uffie : ready to uff
kudu : love me in your language
moloko : cannot contain this
jahcoozi : heal the world
planningtorock : never going back
crystal castles : air war
piana : early in summer
m.i.a. : xr2
mu : we love guys named luke
pj harvey : rid of me
róisín murphy : sinking feeling
santino rice : blow you kisses
my toys like me : sick couple
max peezay : skolan
queen adreena : heavenly surrender
ivy : i think of you
imogen heap : glittering cloud (the plague of locusts)

anything you haven't heard = check it out!
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This made me happy... [01 Nov 2006|05:46pm]
yes it did!

Tappi Tikarrass.....björk's energy in this just makes me smile!

I wish I could get their cd, I always thought they were underrated and shadowed by the sugarcubes.
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vaseline vaseline vaseline [21 Oct 2006|06:58pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

this is the funniest thing I've seen in ages.

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hello kelly. [08 Oct 2006|11:05am]
Presuming you've seen the original Shoes by Kelly:

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What? [24 Sep 2006|11:30pm]
this made my night.

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Interest pics.. [09 Sep 2006|01:57pm]
Got this from Lindi_Madde.

My Interests Collage....interesting indeed.Collapse )
Create your own! Originally Written By ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by darkman424

Eh..ok. nice. I actually got two naughty pics which I took away incase people were in a public place!

Finally weekend. phew.
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[09 Aug 2006|01:08pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Survey stolen from mstie_fairy...I never do surveys but I'm so bored!

Survey time....Collapse )

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[31 Jul 2006|02:05pm]
Back from Greece. Finally! It was a nice trip though, beautiful country, took lots of pictures.

Now that there is a new video feature, I will share a video to fit the theme of my LJ page - which is also the video I've seen the most in my life, probably. Definetaly. I want a little tv screen to loop it in my room. The visual of this video gets me everytime, It's perfect. Song is awesome too, of course. Everything about it is perfection. Thank you.

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Party weirdo. [30 Jun 2006|02:45pm]
There are the most random yet genius words ever written down and recited in a song.

Moloko : Party Weirdo

God am I the only sane one around here,
Doesn't anybody else find this queer,
Oh shit oh,
A wizard approaches,
A reward for the weirdo,
Party weirdo ...
Countless times you have fallen weird one,
I'm gonna ask the judge for a party crack down,
A weirdo wack down hangin out on streets in cars in bars,
Outside my window in my pool in my bed in my head,
Party weirdo ... I'm simply ask the judge ... hello hello ...
Oh but somehow someway somewhere you get back on your partied,
Out feet, hello hello, party weirdo ...
It's just so exotic you got no where left to go, Party weirdo,
you will ask yourself who am I what am I where am I,
You will answer I am no-one probably nothing,
I know that I'm nowhere you poor crass animal ok I'm new around town,
Can anybody tell me what all these party weirdos are all about,
Someone says you must go there and check out the party weirdos,
Now all I see is a lot of young people all mixed up,
It's just not fair countless times you have fallen weird one partied out yet,
You might expect one's weirdness to subside,
But it does not subside it sort of grows and grows and grows man,
You can just go find somewhere else to go 'cos you're just not welcome here any more
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